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On Being Wrong

Video Resources Discussion Questions What do you think about the things that were mentioned in this TedTalk? (anything that stuck… read more On Being Wrong

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Video Resources Discussion Questions How do you deal with uncertainty? How have you experienced failure? Wade talks about echoes or… read more Waypoints

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Video Resources Discussion Questions Not a question, but let’s first discuss our thoughts on interacting in rows vs circles and… read more Circles

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Video Resources Discussion Questions Discussion Questions We have now learned over the last two weeks about the Message and the… read more Mission

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Video Resources Discussion Questions 1. Upon reading Acts 13:16-43, what stood out to you? What questions do you have? 2…. read more Message

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Video Resources Discussion Questions In this week’s video, we discuss different ways we experience God’s callings. Sometimes when we talk… read more Callings

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Video Resources Discussion Questions Everyone always talks about how we all need to spend quiet time alone with God, much… read more Labyrinth

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Video Resources Discussion Questions Think of a time when you felt like someone (or something) was trying to “steal your… read more Fight

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Welcome to Wesley @ Home

In this week’s video, Wade shares more about Wesley @ Home and what you can expect in your groups.

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Preview Week 2: Noise

In this week’s Wesley @ Home preview, we hear about how it is important to tune out the noise of the world so we can listen for the voice of Jesus.