Wesley @ Home Group Registration

Our hope with Wesley @ Home is that you will create church wherever you are – whether that’s with your roommates, teammates, others in your major, friends from other campus organizations, or whoever else is already in your life.

On this site, you’ll find everything you need to turn your friend group into the church, from videos and discussion questions to a leader guide that walks you through the ins and outs of leading your group. We make these resources freely available for anyone to use wherever they are.

If you do choose to start a group, you don’t have to let us know – but we hope you will! There are a number of benefits to registering your group:

  • Access to our pastors and staff. When you register your group, you’ll be connected to Bama Wesley’s pastors and other staff. Their job is to support you in whatever way you need as you lead your group, whether that’s working out personality conflicts in your group, brainstorming ideas, incorporating the sacraments (baptism and communion) into your group, or just checking in from time to time to see how things are going.
  • Inclusion in Bama Wesley’s Wesley @ Home group directory. Our group directory is the best way to recruit new members to your group, since that’s where we point students who are looking for a place to plug in.
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities. While we hope that each group will be financially self-sustaining, we recognize there may be times when it would be beneficial for Wesley to financially support a particular project or activity that your group is doing. We have some grant funding available for this which is only available to registered groups. Additionally, we offer some scholarship funding for participants in groups with associated costs (such as for supplies and materials), and those scholarships are only available to participants in registered groups.
  • Additional resources. While nearly all resources for Wesley @ Home groups are freely available on this site, there may be times when we want to make you aware of new or updated resources for a particular message. Registering your group helps us make sure you get that information as needed.
  • We want to celebrate your group! When you register your group, we’ll regularly be in touch to hear about the exciting ways God is moving through it, and we’ll have opportunities to celebrate what’s happening in your group.