Series Resources

Before we turn to how to design your group, here’s what you’ll receive for each monthly worship series. These resources will be released all at once at the beginning of each month to give you as much flexibility as possible in scheduling and structuring your group. We also anticipate having an opportunity for all Wesley @ Home group leaders to gather prior to each series to learn more about the series, including any particular goals and emphases you’ll want to incorporate into your group meetings.

Messages (3-4)

At the beginning of each month, group leaders will receive access to videos for the month’s series of 3-4 messages, each of which will last 12-15 minutes. Each message will be accompanied by discussion questions and other resources to assist you in leading your group.


Music is not required for Wesley @ Home groups, but groups may choose to utilize a shared Spotify playlist and other resources, including some suggested songs that will be provided with the resources for each series. Any music during the group meeting should follow the requirements described in the Health and Safety Appendix.

Fellowship Suggestions

Each series will include suggestions for group fellowship, with the goal being for these resources to help foster healthy group dynamics. These templates are designed to be adapted to your specific group and, as with the music provided, are optional to use.

Service Opportunities

While we expect each group to engage in some kind of service, you have flexibility in what that looks like. However, with each series we’ll provide some suggestions for ways you can serve at Wesley, on campus, and in the community that somehow connect back to the series. Part of the resources provided, however, will be specific suggestions for ways that your group can engage in service at Wesley, on campus, and in the broader Tuscaloosa community.

Additional Resources and Support

While we’ll try and provide as many resources as possible on the frontend, both as part of your training and for each series, we know that there are questions that will inevitably come up that you never thought to ask and we never thought to tell you. When these things do come up, you have a number of resources you can turn to for support:

Your Wesley @ Home Coach: Wesley’s interns serve as coaches for Wesley @ Home group leaders, and will typically be your first stop for support. Coaches will float between groups, and your coach is always available to provide additional details about the series, help you brainstorm ideas for your group, troubleshoot group dynamic issues, and otherwise be a sounding board for any issues that may come up. Your coach is also your main link to Wesley’s staff and leadership, and will both receive any feedback that you need to share about your group or the series and share any updates that you need to receive.

Wesley’s Pastors: In addition to your coach, you have access to Wesley’s pastors. While your coach will generally be your first stop, Wesley’s pastors are available for urgent pastoral care issues as well as to discuss any tricky questions and theological issues that come up in your group.