Leader Requirements

NOTE: For the fall 2020 semester, we’re still evaluating how many of these will be required. We’ll let you know more soon, but if you want to lead a group go ahead and let us know and we’ll find a way to make it work.

Before we dive in to the nuts and bolts of designing and leading a group, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet in order to lead a Wesley @ Home group:

Flight Path

As with all leadership roles at Wesley, you’ll need to have completed Flight Path prior to leading a Wesley @ Home group. Details about Flight Path for the 2020-2021 school year will be announced soon.

Small Group Leader Training

As a Wesley @ Home leader, you’ll need to complete Small Group Leader Training during Week 4 of Flight Path. This training is required for anyone leading a small group (including Wesley @ Home groups, Phoenix Groups, and Life Together groups), and will provide you with the basic skills necessary to lead an effective group.

Wesley @ Home Leader Training

Following Week 4 of Flight Path, you’ll have the option to complete Wesley @ Home Leader Training. This is a specialized training that builds on the skills you learn during Small Group Leader Training, and focuses on how to lead not just a small group but an entire worship service (which is what a Wesley @ Home group is). During this training, you’ll receive additional details about how to lead your group, as well as help you begin to plan the group itself. In addition to the practical elements of how to design and lead a group, you’ll also learn the “why” behind Wesley @ Home groups. Again, more details will be announced soon about completing this training.

Wesley @ Home Leader Apprenticeship (beginning Spring 2021)

Beginning with the spring 2021 semester, Wesley @ Home leaders will be required to have served as an apprentice for the majority of at least one semester. During your apprenticeship, you’ll work with an existing group leader to gain hands-on experience in planning and leading a group. Your Wesley @ Home group leader will serve as a coach, helping you to learn what it means to design and lead a group by bringing you into the “behind the scenes” work that goes into each one. You’ll also work with our pastors and other staff to develop your skills and gain additional insights about what makes a Wesley @ Home group effective.
In order to serve as an apprentice leader, you’ll need to have completed Flight Path, Small Group Leader Training, and Wesley @ Home leader training. More details about how to sign up to be an apprentice leader will be shared during the fall 2020 semester.