Group Administration and Logistics

Part of your job as a Wesley @ Home group leader is to manage the administration and logistics of your group including these items.

Meeting Schedule

When you initially submit your group, we’ll ask what your meeting schedule will be. This is listed publicly, so we do ask that you let us know if that schedule changes.


10 minutes before your group is scheduled to start you’ll receive an email from our group management system, PlanningCenter. Follow the link in that email to record attendance for your group, including adding any new members. Attendance should be submitted within 12 hours of your group’s meeting.

Adding New Members

If you have new members in your group, you’ll be able to add them when you submit attendance. Please include, at minimum, their first name, last name, and email address. After they attend a second time, we will contact them to collect additional information such as their phone number, class, and other details. Do not enter “placeholder” values (“?”, “Unknown”, etc.) if you do not know their information. If for some reason this isn’t available when you enter their information, do not enter them as a new member and reply to the attendance email with the information you do know so we can follow up.

Attendance and COVID-19
It is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic that you collect accurate information for new group members. While as of this writing we are working to develop this process, including receiving additional guidance from the University, we expect that it will be critical to have this information available in the event that a group member later tests positive for COVID-19 and it is necessary to initiate contact tracing.

Member or Visitor?

When entering a new member, you can add them as a member or a visitor. In most cases, you will add them as a member of the group. The only time someone should be added as a visitor is if you know they will not regularly be a part of Wesley in any capacity (for instance, a sibling or boyfriend/girlfriend visiting from out of town).


In general, we expect for groups to be self-sustaining, meaning that aside from some essential costs (such as providing masks and some limited cleaning supplies), group members should provide or pitch in for their own supplies and materials as needed. However, a limited amount of funding is available in two forms:

Individual Scholarships

If an individual student is unable to pay for the costs associated with a group, they can apply for a scholarship on an individual basis at

Group GrantsIf there’s an event or activity that you believe would be particularly meaningful for your group but which might be a challenge for the group to pay for, you can apply for a group grant of up to $500 per group per year at