About Wesley @ Home

Wesley @ Home is a ministry of Bama Wesley, the Wesley Foundation at The University of Alabama. Whether you’re at Alabama, another college campus, or aren’t a college student at all, our hope is that Wesley @ Home will provide you with the resources you need to create church wherever you are with whoever you’re with – whether that’s your roommates, classmates, teammates, or any other group that can move from being friends to being the church.

What does this mean? We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to create church with the people that are already in your life doing the things you love. Each Wesley @ Home message will include a video, discussion questions, and ideas for putting the message into action, along with other resources that may be helpful. We want you to make it your own, though! Maybe you’ll watch the message while on a hike with some friends, or before a meal with others on your hall, or while doing something creative with some classmates. The only limit is your creativity!

In this video from this summer, our pastors share more about Wesley @ Home

If you’re on the University of Alabama campus, we have a number of groups that you can join at any time (just click here for a list and information about joining). If you’re not at The University of Alabama, or if you want to form your own group, we have resources for you as well. Click here for more about starting and leading a Wesley @ Home group.