Quiet Times

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Discussion Questions

Knowing how to deal with sin and how to share with others how to deal with sin is an important part of spreading The Word. The best ways to break the chains of sin are scripture, worship, and prayer. This week we heard the story of Paul and Silas in prison and the impact that their love of God through worship had on the other people in the prison.

  1. At the beginning of this story from the Book of Acts, we are told about the slave girl who was shouting declarative statements regarding Paul and Silas. Given our knowledge of Paul and Silas and their relationship with the Lord, why do you think Paul became so annoyed?
  2. What lessons can be learned from the experience of Paul and Silas in the prison and how their actions impacted the others?
  3. Incorporating prayer, along with worship and scripture, into your daily life allows us to be righteous and free from sin. That said, prayer can sometimes seem tricky, intimidating, or useless to some people. What are some pro tips that you have in your prayer time that enable you to open up to God and be vulnerable in time of prayer? (ex: sticking to a routine, going outside, worship music, lighting a candle, etc.)
  4. Every day we experience sin and/or temptation. Sometimes we fall to our temptations, yet the Lord continues to forgive us and love us. We know that we are sent here to spread The Word and be Christians. And we now know the three basic elements to incorporate into our days to break the chains that tie us to our sins. With all of this knowledge, why do you think people still continue to turn the Lord away?

Your personal worship is a way to honor God and is a blessing to you.

We challenge you to, if you don’t already, start to Set a time each day to honor God and incorporate prayer, worship, and scripture into your routine. In your personal prayer, begin incorporating 1-3 people to pray directly about. As God begins to work, the results may shock you.