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Discussion Questions

1. Upon reading Acts 13:16-43, what stood out to you? What questions do you have?

2. In Acts 13:39 Paul mentions that everyone who believes is set free of every sin, something that is unobtainable under the law of Moses. What do you think Paul is referring to by saying this? Why do you think Paul made a point to tell his listeners that the forgiveness of sins comes from Jesus?

3. What would it look like for you to ask the question “God, what do you wanna do throughout my life? What’s the story you’ve been writing through my first day, my worst day, and on to my last day?”

4. If someone were to ask you to describe the mission of God, what would you tell them? Given your definition of God’s mission, how have you engaged in it?

5. What are some things that may tempt you to abandon your calling?

6. Wade mentioned that we each have an individual or “unique” calling.

Paul and Barnabas are uniquely called to go to Cyprus. Do you have any clarity on how God has uniquely called you? If so, what is it? If not, how do you think you might go about discerning or recognizing it?


Take a few minutes to reflect on what your greatest joy and passion is and how it might meet the need of the world or someone you know.