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Discussion Questions

  1. Everyone always talks about how we all need to spend quiet time alone with God, much like we know people like Moses spent so much time doing in the desert. Wherever you are right now, what is your desert? In other words, where is the ideal spot for you to see and be alone with Him?
  2. In this week’s message, we are introduced to the term “Selah”, which means “forever”. The prefix “Sel” actually means “connect”. With this information, what are some ways that we may already or could potentially use Selah in our lives?
  3. The Labyrinth is a journey to our own center where we meet God and release our burdens to Him, before making our way back out into the world. How can the knowledge that God will carry your burdens enable you to face the world and carry out your purpose?
  4. As they often do, when making plans for ourselves, we tend to experience a slightly different (or sometimes completely different) outcome than originally anticipated. This sort of situation can throw us off and affects people in different ways. What do you do when your plans don’t pan out as you initially thought?