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Discussion Questions

  1. In this week’s video, we discuss different ways we experience God’s callings. Sometimes when we talk about callings, we make them out to be harder than they are. We watch for signs or flashing messages from God. But callings are more ordinary than that. There typically is no booming voice or bright lights or angels descending upon us. We find that God works in more natural and organic ways. In what ways do you feel God calls upon you to do something?
  2. When we are called to do something, we typically find that someone has been there along the way to encourage us. In the book of Acts, we learn that Barnabas (which means “encourager”) was the person of peace who encourages people to remain faithful to the Lord, especially in the case of Paul. In your personal life, either growing up or more recently, who has been your Barnabas?
  3. Often times our abilities are noticed and brought out by others before we even know they are there, such as a parent or coach or teacher. Is there anything that you are already doing that others notice? If not, what things might you be interested in exploring?

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