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Discussion Questions

  1. Think of a time when you felt like someone (or something) was trying to “steal your Jesus”. How did this make you feel? What did you do to combat it?
  2. Saul believed he was serving God… that is until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus. Have you ever intended to be serving God (or something else), but found that you’ve been misguided?
  3. As we read in Acts 9:10-19, Ananias faced a difficult decision, to go forth to tend to Saul, despite what he had already done. Have you experienced a difficult decision that brought uncertainty to your personal (and/or spiritual) life? And as a follow-up, would you have gone to tend to Saul?
  4. In Acts 9:27-31, we hear about Saul going out to share his encounter with
    Jesus, and the poor treatment he encountered from it. This would definitely impact one’s motivation to continue doing what Saul set out to do. What are some things that keep us from speaking about Jesus to people?
  5. You have probably heard at some point people refer to God as the “God of second chances”, in some form or another. We saw this in the reading. Second chances and forgiveness can be quite difficult sometimes. If God was able to give Saul a second chance, what does that say to you about the way we should respond to someone who we feel does not “deserve” a second chance?
  6. As we go forward from this second week of Wesley at Home, here is something to think about (they can answer or not): In what ways can you be the Ananias or Barnabas (which means encourager) to someone, even when you are uncertain of the outcome? AND how might this be a useful tool in the strengthening of relationships and the building of your church?